Earning A Tasty Living on The Fly

Summer is one of the worst times to be travelling to places on the seacoast, nearly everyone wants to get to the ocean.  And naturally all the airlines and travel companies know it so they go out of their way to charge you every penny they can.

Of course, I have my own reasons for going to the seacoast; ones that have nothing to do with fishing, swimming, getting tans or even just sight-seeing.  My reason is much more basic – I’m a seafood fanatic. I go to the coast to visit different restaurants and learn new ways to cook different dishes.  I take advantage of Groupons to get round-trip tickets to places like New York, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Florida, where I learn about new styles of seafood cooking.

 These trips would be financially impossible without the availability of a travel service like CheapOair.com.  They offer round trip service at prices one would think are no longer possible.  For example, you can fly round trip from New York City to Miami for less than $150.  And that is without factoring in the discount you can get when they use a Groupon promo code that offers $50 off on any flight!  With deals like that you can afford to eat your way up and down the Atlantic seaboard.   I go places and stay for a few days.  I travel light – clothing for 2-3 days, a book my computer and smart phone all packed in a travel bag.  My …

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