Web Sites With Style

CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It’s the means by which developers separate a website’s content from its design – enabling a consistent style (in terms of fonts, colours, text layout and so on) throughout the site.

Consider, by way of comparison, your regular newspaper. It will have, roughly, the same look and feel every day.

The masthead will appear in the same place. The headlines and subheads will retain the same fonts. Photographs and captions will be presented in a similar way. And the text will, usually, adhere to a fixed length, width and number of columns.

All that changes, in fact, is the content: the text (of the articles), the photos and ads.

On the web, this style is dictated by the CSS.

There are many benefits to using CSS – not least, easy maintenance: CSS allows you to make extensive changes to your entire site by amending a single CSS file.

Just as importantly, CSS makes your website SEO friendly – eliminating the need for search spiders to trawl through reams of code to get to the good stuff: your content.

It facilitates adherence to W3C accessibility guidelines, and it helps to ensure that your website is fully optimised for all the major web browsers – including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. And because it only has to be downloaded once and then is cached by the user’s browser – unlike tables, which were historically used to create page layouts (and appear on every page) – CSS improves web page load times into the bargain.

Critically, CSS enables you to create different styles for each page too.

So, for example, you might wish to create a basic style for a page that is viewed online – via a browser – and a different style for the same page when it is printed, say, or viewed via a mobile device.

For all these – and myriad other – reasons, you should ensure (indeed, insist) that your developer uses a separate CSS when building your website.…

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Essential Factors of the Web Development Contract

This article discusses the factors which a company should include in the website development contract.

The website works as an identity card for the company. It is the virtual presentation and image of a real company. Online presentation has become the new age need for every business to gain maximum profit from virtual trading. The website is always of importance and because of this it has created the need of professional website developers. It happens to many companies that they do not have any experience to deal with website developers and they end up with the wrong outputs. Few factors are discussed here which every company should take care before doing any contract for website development.

It happens few times that website developer has all the controls of the site. This creates mishap for the website owner company as the company cannot change any content, images or any other data. Sometimes companies need to change the content or data immediately at that time this thing can create a huge problem for the company. Always check before signing a contract about this thing that a company will hold all the controls of the website and not the website development company.

Many web developers use a pre-programmed code for the website which is being used in earlier websites also. One should stay flexible with the use of codes at that time. Few developers even make a new code for the website and may be they can use that code for other websites also at that time the owner should not mind the usage of the code. The website owner should keep the right to change the code if they desire to change that in the future.

If you want to use the content of any other website or the content which is already published somewhere then that becomes your liability to get the permission from the parent website. You cannot rely on the web developer to get the permission for the use of the content.

Always keep the margin of some extra time and budget for the website. The extra time will always helps in the cases of delay by any reason or you can make changes also after a final check.

Always include the provision for the changes in the specifications. That will help in the case when developer misunderstands the owner’s concept.

Mention the maintenance terms clearly in the contract. Also include the provision for the training of the employees in the case of small changes.

A good professional web development companies always have transparency in the contract. All these factors state the necessity of contract in a transparent manner.…

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