How to get more followers on twitter?

How to get more followers on twitter?

Twitter’s follower’s count is what a lot of brands like to show off. Having a substantial amount of followers is a huge deal. A large follower count not just means expanding your industry, but proves that your customers, audience and leads are looking forward to your content.

According to a very reliable social media measurement, most marketers promote their product/industry via Twitter. Twitter is considered to be a go-to network when it comes to engaging customers. It is not only simple to use but, it is the easiest way to grow.

Here is a quick guide for you to get tons of followers on Twitter:

Tweet at the perfect time

Posting your tweets at the time when your audience is asleep will be of no help. The best time to post on social media to engage customers is on the weekdays in the early and late afternoons. Stressing yourself to gain Twitter followers will get you nowhere. Setting a proper time zone for your tweet posting schedule can get you followers.

Use Your Hashtags.

Adding hashtags will cause search, and search will cause audience. Tweets with hashtags get 12% more attention as compared to those who don’t contain hashtags. Adding hashtags doesn’t take much of your time, in fact, it only takes seconds.

Tweet more whenever you’re confused

Twitter is obviously different from Instagram and Facebook. The maximum amount of tweets to post in one day is between three and seven. Although, some companies post 15 to 20 times a day, to achieve more audience in the competitive Twitter world. Your growth is not the only surprise in this but, your content also improves. It is important to keep your Twitter feed updated and fresh because your followers will know that you are worth following and active as well.

Keep it visual

You all know that visuals speak louder than words. Creating visual tweets means more likes, retweets and shares. You will notice that tweets that don’t have visuals don’t get much attention as compared to those with an image. Brands keep their posts interesting and engaging by adding images to these tweets with texts. This attracts new followers as it gives encouragement to people to look at your post.

Another good visual technique is not just adding a simple image but memes and GIFs do wonders for getting more followers. Adding GIFs and images of memes with posts has become something very common and everybody is doing it even if they aren’t a brand or famous person. Moreover, you can’t beat a good infographic shared on twitter. When you have compelling information to share with the world, people react to it immediately if they find it useful or interesting. Last thing that never disappoints is the use of videos in a tweet. Video content marketing’s  share six times greater than any other marketing strategy on Twitter.

Become the pro of retweeting, tagging and replying

So you have got more followers on Twitter but what are they getting against it? Obviously they are not getting paid but are you responding to their thoughts and suggestions? The time you spend on the platform should involve spending times with the followers as well. Start a questions and answers game or maybe a poll on something new you want to bring up. Excite them with news and do not forget to reply to their comments. This way your account will not seem that it is being running by bots.

Use regular tagging, replying immediately and retweeting to let your followers know that you care for them and acknowledge their existence. You will get a lot of eyes on your business once you start acknowledging your followers. You can also respond to some other brand’s tweet and try to get attention from that. Even if you get a one word reply for it then that means your glory days are coming ahead. You can give a shout out to the special service or product a brand has launched which will also draw the attention of more followers to your Twitter account.

Optimize your profile

It is important to optimize your profile. As some part of the tweets are expected to be by bots, brands on the platform need to prove to the world that there is a living being operating the account. To make the followers believe, diverse content strategies are used to make your profile a lot friendlier through subtle steps. Put up a clean and nice profile photo and add relevant tags, keywords and information of locations in your posts for optimization.

All this and more marketing strategies altogether can prove to be very helpful for attracting more followers.