Why Web Design is Not Caveman’s Business

Why Web Design is Not Caveman's Business

Professional website design is an ever-evolving business.  To follow, designers must keep their information up to date and always on the cutting edge of new technology. The problem here is that most companies resemble caveman grandfathers from a series of very well-known insurance advertisements. We don’t want to discuss too many details here, however, they are easily recognized by their service. When the most professional or technical service they provide is SEO marketing, check the site for mammoth skins.  Every website design company performs search engine optimization.  However, the cart viper design studio offers just a bit more than that.

Level of sophistication to professional website design

We bring a level of sophistication to professional website design by using the Ajax framework, combined with MySQL and PHP to create pages that only update relevant information, as opposed to every minute detail.  What this means is that, when people click from one page to another, any overlapping elements, like background images and music, are preserved, so the load time is greatly reduced.  That shortened load time means that people will be able to navigate your site much faster, which translates into greater traffic for your site. That again can get you more revenue through more conversion rate.

Doing the professional website design

When we do your professional website design, we give you the option of choosing how and where website tools, like a tag cloud, will be displayed.  You can even commission a tool if you have your own idea of how the internet should look. No other website design service can guarantee creativity coupled with the state-of-the-art service that we provide, mostly because they clubbed all their designers over the head and made them forget creativity.  We, however, don’t use clubs and we never will, so you won’t have to worry about bits of the skull or useless HTML code cluttering up your page.

Convenient designs with convenient functionality

Yet, we do not stop at the design part. No matter if you require a static showcase page to get your business into the net, or a CMS or blog system which gives you full control about your site. Our talented programmers can cope with your demand. Through working hand in hand, our designers and coders get the most out of both worlds – convenient designs with convenient functionality.