What is Web 2.0 and is it Important For Your Web Business?

What is Web 2.0 and is it Important For Your Web Business?

Do you ever feel you’ve missed something but it’s too embarrassing to own up and admit you don’t know what it means? Me too. And a prime example is the phrase “Web 2.0”. I know it’s been around for a while, but I’m not even sure I could give a coherent answer if I was asked about “Web 1.0”!

Well, understanding Web 2.0 is really important for internet marketers, so if you are setting out building your online business, this informative article will explain everything you need to know about Web 2.0.

First – some kind of definition. Basically, Web 2.0 is a move away from, and beyond, static web pages that we are all familiar with. It’s the movement to dynamic and shareable content, as well as social networking.

So we’re talking about web pages that are no longer defined by the structure of the HTML that they’re coded with. We’re talking interactivity: flash. RSS feeds, audio clips, ‘Recommend Me’ buttons, and so on. The user is more involved. It’s to do with collaboration with your visitor; and they get a chance to comment on what you’re doing. People can subscribe to what you’re doing, and they can share your activity with others. And – don’t forget your podcasts!

So you can see that while Web 2.0 has a certain slipperiness about it, as a definition, there are broad trends: interactivity, simplicity, and sharing.

OK – but what does this mean to you and me who are have businesses online?

Well, I believe that Web 2.0 is really, really important for us. And here’s why.

It means that we suddenly have many, many more ways to connect with our customer. We can upload advertorial to YouTube, together with videos about our product or services.

We can invite people to share their experiences – not just old hat static testimonials, but video and audio.

And we need to take on board that the more our website is difficult to use, the less people that are willing to use it. So our sites and selling proposition have to be as simple as possible so as not to get in the way of people buying from us. Or, believe me, they will share their experience!

But wait – that sounds pretty negative. Let’s focus on how we can use Web 2.0 productively!

And this is how. Revisit your sales page. Check it out and see if it actively invites participation.

Invite your visitor to comment on your product. Get them to complete a quiz. Encourage them to blog. Ask them to forward the URL to friends. Point them to your YouTube video. Remind them that there is a Facebook group devoted to your service.

So you see that Web 2.0 can offer a raft of opportunities for you to extend your brand, and offer different avenues for customers to find you. Once you get started, you won’t look back!

My best to you.